2016 Election 0

Guest Post: 2016 Elections Could Be Deja vu All Over Again

Follow @Journey_America   Jes’ a thought… Envision this 2016 election scenario. Bernie Sanders wins a majority of delegates in the primaries, but the Democratic convention nominates Hillary Clinton because of that whopping number (one-third...

JaipurJalMahal 0

5 Things To See In The Pink-City Jaipur : Guest Post

Follow @Journey_America 5 Things To See In The Pink-City Jaipur Jaipur is one of the favourite tourist destinations in India. With its historical Rajput architecture, pretty streets filled with markets of jewellery, cloth, art...

Atlantis Resort of the Bahamas 0

Beach Vacations For Winter

Follow @Journey_America   During the winter months, finding a beach vacation spot can be a little difficult. It doesn’t have to be, which is where this article will really come in handy. Below, you’ll...

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Guest Post: Las Vegas – Memories stay forever

Follow @Journey_America     Las Vegas an envied tourist destination in the US province of Nevada is an ideal destination for hedonistic souls and family vacationers. Here we give a lowdown on its top...

Trump Carson Jerry Nelson 0

Guest Post: Trump and Carson Quitters?

Follow @Journey_America Jes’ a thought… So the two top GOP frontrunners in the Presidential race, Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, may quit the Republican Party if they don’t get the nomination.  My prediction: ...

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Guest Post: Some thoughts on the Refugee Issue

Follow @Journey_America Some thoughts on the Refugee Issue by Joe Wrabek   I can see how people are really conflicted about this.   I see reports of millions trying to flee what’s become a...

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15 Creative Photo Ideas

Follow @Journey_America 1. Surf around the Web. Look at images at magazines, papers, on-line galleries and you’ll find a wealth of ideas. Try the Gallery at shotaddict.com. Want more – go to flickr.com and...

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5 Planning Tips for Travelling to a Major City

Follow @Journey_America   Travelling to a new city can make for some of the best vacations, as any major metropolis has a lot to offer. There are parks, restaurants, tourist attractions, and a cultural...

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Ten Great Quotes About Tourism in Myanmar as the Country Votes on its Future

Follow @Journey_America As Myanmar goes to the polls on November 8, ten people in its tourism sector pinpoint how the radical changes in the country since 2011 have affected them and what their hopes...

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Computer or the Real Thing–Who is Better at Lyric Translation  

Follow @Journey_America     Modern inventions have taken the place of old ways of doing things in many areas of life. No longer do people visit a library and search through drawer after drawer...

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