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Camera Requirements For Digital Camera Photography

Follow @Journey_America You are going to need a camera if you are taking the plunge into digital camera photography, and the key consideration in choosing a digital camera is speed. In digital camera photography,...

fall colors photography 0

Fall Colors Photography: How To (Video)

Follow @Journey_America It’s that time of the year. Even though it’s still warm, the days are shorter and the mornings are just a bit cooler, and and you can see fall colors here and...

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10 Famous Street Photography Quotes You Must Know

Follow @Journey_America   10 Famous Street Photography Quotes You Must KnowIf you want to get a deeper insight into street photography and take better photos, I feel it is very important to study the...

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Belize 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Belize

Follow @Journey_America Guest Post: Belize 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Belize It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations—and for the perfect reasons.   From classic white sand beaches and crystal blue water to miles...

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A few thoughts about that way-too-early Presidential campaign…

Follow @Journey_America Joe Wrabek is a retired city manager and former newspaper reporter and editor.  He lives in Garibaldi, Oregon, on the Pacific Coast. A few thoughts about that way-too-early Presidential campaign…   The...

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18 photos Ringo Starr took of The Beatles

Follow @Journey_America   Read more… The Beatles were constantly photographed by professionals and obsessive fans alike, but they liked to take their own snapshots, too. During the group’s glory days, Starr was active behind...

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Argentina Photo Gallery

Follow @Journey_America Related articles about Argentina… High and dry after Argentina floods ‘Slime of the Devil’ Spiders Blanket Argentina Towns Argentina: Democracy in Danger!!! Pope Francis holds sign urging Falkland Islands dialogue, causes stir...

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Scott Walker Watches Candidates Emerge Shaken From GOP’s Female Experience Simulator

Follow @Journey_America Sources say Rick Perry hyperventilated and then ran out of the waiting room to avoid having to go into the simulation chamber. WASHINGTON—Waiting in line and nervously watching as, one by one,...

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Solar Power: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Follow @Journey_America 1. An Introduction To Solar Power We hear a lot about so-called renewable energy in the modern world. As the effects of global warming – or climate change, depending on your preferred...

The Solitary Tour 0

The Solitary Tour

Follow @Journey_America The cliché goes that ‘no man is an island’ meaning that no person can survive without company – we need other people, for a myriad of reasons. However this is not to...

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