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Cleveland PD Shooting of Tamir Rice Ruled a Homicide

Gilson, MDsignedTamir Rices autopsy report today, concluding that he succumbed to homicide via gunshot wound. Admittedly, it isnt easy for an officer to distinguish a real weapon from the toy Tamir held in a surveillance video that went viral two weeks ago, but Cleveland PD solved the problem permanently by opening fire within seconds of getting out of their squad car. Watch now: Police say they pulled up, ordered him to place his hands in the air, but instead, he reached for the gun in his waistband, which is when they shot him dead.

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NPPA Code of Ethics: Photo Manipulation

The NPPA Code of Ethics can help your images be seen my millions. Almost every week I get emails from people who want to know my workflow in Photoshop or other photo manipulation software.

They’re disappointed when I respond and tell them my images aren’t altered. Photo manipulation may be ok for the Instagram crowd and the rest of the look-at-me-I-am-a-pro crowd, but it won’t help get your pictures seen by millions.

Maybe just a few dozen people — family and friends — will like it and be impressed. But editors won’t be — and they’re the ones that will pay you the dollars. In a nutshell — forget about photo manipulation. Unless you just want your images to be seen by your mom and a few friends.

Michel du Cille 0

Michel du Cille, Post photojournalist dies (Video)

We have lost a beloved colleague and one of the worlds most accomplished photographers. Michel du Cille was asked to make some remarks about his experiences covering Ebola in Liberia to share with his colleagues. This was filmed in Ethiopia while Michel was at a photo conference. He passed away in Liberia on Thursday, Dec. 11.

republicans 0

Republicans: The Righteous, The Redneck and The Retarded

Ever wonder exactly how the one-percent managed to control, rule and dominate the 99 percent?

I’ve got a theory.

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Argentina Is Getting Clobbered

Since Tuesday the Argentine stock market, the Merval, has been sinking. A lot of investors were betting that 2015 would come around, and Argentina and the holdouts led by Elliott Management founder Paul Singer would sit down and sing Kumbaya. Instead Argentina is coming up with more creative ways to raise cash, like a recent debt swap plan the government has announced to raise $3 billionlocally.

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Boston: An Unforgettable Destination in the USA

Follow @Journey_America The USA and in particular the city of Boston in Massachusetts is fame with being among top unforgettable tourist destinations of all times. This city is home to many amazing features which...

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Georgia Executes Robert Wayne Holsey and I’m a Hypocrite

Follow @Journey_America Yesterday, December 9, the US state of Georgia executed Robert Wayne Holsey. His crime? In the mid 90s he shot and killed a county Deputy, Will Robinson, in Milledgeville, Georgia. I didn’t know...

Peace-Action-Vance-12-2010 0

VFP099 : I’m Proud of You

VFP099 in Asheville has gotten rid of its former president and now is ready to make some headway in the community as it works with other activists…

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100 Tips from a Professional Photographer

I think the gist of it is to keep taking pictures always. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time. Go outside & shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.

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Guest Post : Winter Driving Tips (Video)

Follow @Journey_America Take a moment to think about winter driving tips. Depending on where you live in the world driving in the wintertime can be a very dangerous experience. Of course, it depends on...

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