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Photo-Me shares fall after profit warning

Follow @Journey_America Shares in Photo-Me International, the company whose management was earlier this month forced out by angry shareholders, collapsed yesterday as it cut profits forecasts for the year. Photo-Me said “difficult market conditions”...

ferguson 0

Ferguson, Missouri : What the FPD Has Taught America

Follow @Journey_America We need to thanks the cops in Ferguson. They’ve really shown America what law enforcement today is all about. Now, is there anyone in the country, with an IQ above a four-year...

first digital camera 0

Selecting your First Digital Camera

Follow @Journey_America So you are getting your first digital camera for Christmas. Cool. With a thousand choices, how do you know which one to get that will keep you happy for years. These tips...

holiday photography 0

Holiday Photography : How to do it Right

Follow @Journey_America Holiday photography can mean some great shots or crappy images. Which one doesn’t depend as much on the camera as it does on you. These tips will help you get the most,...

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Freedom of the Press : Resist Surveillance

Follow @Journey_America Freedom of the Press : Resist Surveillance Detekt is a free tool that scans your Windows computer for traces of FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS, commercial surveillance spyware that has been identified...

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YuVue: Get Paid for the Photos and Videos You Share Online

Follow @Journey_America As if being a photojournalist wasn’t tough enough already. First, everyone with a laptop thought they were a writer. Then, everyone with a camera thought they were a photographer. Now, along comes...

press freedom 0

Press Freedom : US: Court Upholds Press Freedoms in Ferguson

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, have been ordered to respect the press after months of allegations of law enforcement repressing free speech. A federal judge upheld the media and public’s right to film police on duty Friday, ahead of an anticipated ruling on whether an officer could be charged for the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown. Amid protests in Ferguson earlier this year, media advocacy groups and protesters accused police of suppressing free speech and cracking down on journalists.

youth rugby 0

Youth Rugby in Argentina Takes Off

Follow @Journey_America Argentina’s youth rugby movement: The rugby future is bright in the land of silverPostedover 1 yearago Default For decades, the ability of Argentina to compete with the big rugby nations, despite its...

BCH seeks to have case moved out of Bath County 0

BCH seeks to have case moved out of Bath County

Bath Community Hospital, Jason Paret, David Troast and Sarah McWilliams filed a “notice of removal,” asserting the case should be heard in federal …

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Reporters Without Borders Regret Decline Of Press Freedom In Iceland

Within hours, the journalists issued a correction, as they realised that employee B referred to the Ministers other assistant, Gsli Freyr Valdrsson. As RWBs statement notes, Gsli Freyr is now on probation, having since confessed and been sentenced to eight months in prison for the leak. The organization urges Icelands government to amend these laws.

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