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Illegal forest clearance 0

Illegal Forest Clearance Threatens Natives

Brazilian rancher Marcelo Bastos Ferraz has rejected the Ayoreo’s plea to stop destroying the forest inhabited by their uncontacted relatives. OPIT The last uncontacted Indians outside Amazonia are running out of forest to hide in, say campaigners, as alarming new photos reveal rampant, illegal destruction of their territory. Ayoreo-Totobiegosode Indians, whose uncontacted relatives are hiding in the last patches of forest in western Paraguay, have watched helplessly as cattle-ranching firms illegally invade their territory and raze the forest.

Buenos Aires : Inconceivable Misery in the City Outskirts 0

Buenos Aires : Inconceivable Misery in the City Outskirts

Follow @Journey_America Buenos Aires is a city that will fool naive tourists from Bugtussle, Iowa. The come looking for Tango and empanadas and never step foot outside of the Chamber of Commerce port. Then,...

1321641195571 0

Washington DC Unveils its Redesigned

The W Washington DC Friday night revealed its redesigned POV rooftop bar, featuring new art and decor including wall-sized brass murals of former US presidents. In true W fashion, guests checked in downstairs and were …

press freedom 0

Press Freedom : New Turkey, Old Rules

Follow @Journey_America   New Turkey, Old Rules  Alparslan Akku It is not a secret that the Turkish government suppresses press freedom, but the tools they invent to punish the free press are pushing boundaries....

rekindling the fire 0

Guest Post : Rekindling the Fire – A Message for Photographers

Follow @Journey_America Ever have a need for rekindling the fire ?  This morning I came across this post on LinkedIn written by Steve Handwerker. It is an awesome post that speaks to an issue that...

freedom of the press 0

Freedom of the Press : FBI is undermining core principle of a free press

Follow @Journey_America Freedom of the Press : FBI is undermining core principle of a free press  NOV. 12, 2014 — Americans of every stripe should echo The Associated Press’ recent demand that the Federal...

self promotion 0

How to Toe the Line Between Self-Promotion and Narcissism

Self promotion by photographers is probably one of the things misunderstood most by people that want to turn a hobby in a career.

bagan 0

Guest Post : Bagan

Follow @Journey_America Bagan is neither Burmese Luang Prabang nor Burmese Angkor Wat. Though they are all inscribed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to their significant cultural values, Bagan is unlike any other places...

medical tourism 0

Medical Tourism: Top 7 Counties

Follow @Journey_America The term, medical tourism, baffles most Americans. Many Americans somehow think that their medical services, hospitals and doctors are far superior to that of other countries, especially third world countries. That statement...

liars and manipulators 0

Liars and Manipulators (Video)

Follow @Journey_America This one has been submitted to several places online, but being the impatient person I can be, I didn’t want to take the chance that it wouldn’t run until after the news...

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