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Paul Azinger back to being a rookie on the Champions Tour

Golf is the only sport where you get two chances to be a young phenom. First, you bust onto the scene as a teenager and blast the ball all over the course. Then the game grinds you down until you’re just another one of the pack. But once you get to within sight of 50, you start to rejoice, because there’s a new chance to be a heralded rookie.

The Champions Tour may not have the flash and dazzle of the PGA Tour, but every year, it’s getting a new crop of recognizable names, names who still have the game to push around their elders.mp600

This weekend, Paul Azinger joins the Champions Tour at the ACE Group Classic at The Quarry in Naples, Fla., just a few weeks after turning the Champions-minimum 50. Azinger is poised to ride nearly as high as he’s ever been; he’s got the talent and the drive to succeed on the Champions Tour, and he’s still basking in the glow of the 2008 Ryder Cup triumph. (Matter of fact, he’s got a book coming out in May on that very subject.)

The Big Giveaway Announces New Lifetime Vacation Club Membership For Charity


May 12, 2012 Toccoa, Georgia, United States The Big Giveaway, announces new promotion that gives away a Free Lifetime Vacation Club Membership to new members that agree to help charity.

The Big Giveaway is one of the companies owned by Vacation Man Roger Aderholdt. This company normally provides Lifetime Vacation Club Membership so that members are able to obtain discounts at luxury resorts and vacation homes at a steep discount. This service can save individuals thousands of dollars over the cost of timeshares or other vacation booking agents. The normal cost of this membership is valued at $3,997.00. For a limited time, the company is waiving this enrollment fee for new members that simply agree to help charity. For new members who take the company up on the offer, they receive all of the benefits of membership so that they are able to book vacations at the highest quality of vacation resorts and spas and save thousands of dollars.

A Critical Worldventures Review – Don’t Join Before You Read This!

Worldventures is a privately-owned, travel based company that markets it’s products through a network marketing model. The company started in December 2005 and is headquartered in Plano, TX. In 2009, Worldventures acquired Success University, another network marketing company selling online courses. Right now, Worldventures is operating in 11 countries including the US and the UK. In this article, I’ll give you a review of the Worldventures Opportunity while highlighting their products and comp plan. Before I start, I want to disclose that I’m not a Worldventures rep.

First, Let’s Go Over The Products

1. The first product that they offer is the Leisure Travel Consultant package. Now, what is the LTC package? As a Worldventures rep, you’re giving someone the chance to have their very own travel-booking-engine website. They can book their own travel on it, or they can get the word out to people they know to book their travel on their site. As travel gets booked on their website, they would earn a small commission.

Have A Memorable Trip With Car Rental Service In London

With car rental service in London, explore one of the most vibrant, popular and lively cities of United Kingdom. Renting a car gives you the flexibility of exploring London at your own pace.

London is the capital and the largest part of United Kingdom. There is a lot to see and do in London as the city is full of galleries, parks, restaurants, theatres, museums, bridges, nightclubs, palaces, markets and shops. It is the most ethically, culturally and architecturally diverse cities in the world. There are many famous tourist attractions in London which are worth visiting, some of which are, London Eye, the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, Kew Gardens, Maritime Greenwich, Hampton Court and the Tower of London. You can also explore many good museums in London such as National History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum. Using car rental service you can easily cover each and every corner of London without relying on public transport especially if you are among those who doesnt know much about the city and its whereabouts.

Car rental service will take away all your worries of finding a public transport and will provide you the car as per your need and requirement so that you can drive in style and comfort. You can easily avail the car rental service at all the major districts in London such as city of London, city of Westminster, Chelsea, Kensington, Greenwich, Sutton, Bromley and many other major location with easy pick up and drop off facilities. To book a car rental, you will be required to hold a valid driving license and passport for identity and age proof. If needed, you can pay for the second driver.

Enjoy Romantic Weekend Breaks In Magnificent Uk Hotels With Hot Tubs And Jacuzzis

Wondering how to surprise your lady love on her birthday? Romantic breaks in UK would be ideal surprise gifts and will be greatly appreciated. Imagine your wife or fiancs reaction when you whisk her away to a hot destination in UK for the weekend! There are numerous hotels where you can relax and have a great weekend break.

Finding Great Hotel Packages

Finding luxury hotel deals can sometimes be a challenge especially when there are hundreds of them offering promotions. There are several websites that promote their special packages online. Browse and find the best deal. There are UK companies that offer last-minute exclusive deals. Hotels concoct special packages and include value-added services. However, these are not actually real deals. Good deals are those that offer, for example, free nights; this will benefit the customer greatly as there will be a considerable discount in the room rent. Cotswolds is a breathtaking destination and hotels in Cotswolds put up online brochures that give information about seasonal offers. Shortlist the luxury accommodation packages and make enquires directly. Travelling during the off-season can help you save a lot of money at the same time get the best deals.

Mine Haulage – A Challenge for The Transportation Industry

Conveyor transportation is more practical than truck Haulage transportation. One reason is due to the required level of maintenance and replacement of the trucks. During the last few years, the conveyor system advanced radically, allowing the system to work without problems over longer distances and curves. Technological advances have also taken place in the actual design of the conveyor, some of the improvements cover the conveyor belt manufacture design and the support devices. The prevention against surges has also been improved significantly. The conveyor system also requires some maintenance attention like checking the belt and any other moving parts for any damage.

As youve read above, the transportation system in the mining industry is always evolving and adapting in order to face any challenges and changes in the industry.

Bandipur National Park Resorts- Types of Resorts Available in Bandipur

There is nothing like a rejuvenating vacation amidst the lush greenery of dense forests in order to drive away all blues. Bandipur National Park with its thick forest cover and variety of animal species is one of the best places to enjoy a peaceful and memorable vacation. With the place becoming popular with tourists, you can find a number of wonderful accommodation options, to suit every kind of budget and requirement. In fact, a simple online search is all that you need to in order to find out about the various Bandipur National Park Resorts.

There is one more major advantage that you get with visiting Bandipur. Not only will you get to see the various animals in the national park, but you will find that there are three more equally wonderful wildlife sanctuaries that surround the place. On the northern part is the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. On the eastern side lies the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, while on the southern side is the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary. What this means is that for the price of one, you can actually enjoy a wonderful vacation in four wildlife sanctuaries. Given the fact all these places are just a drive away from the Bandipur National Park. it is not surprising that the place has got popular with tourists in recent times.

When it comes to accommodation options, there is no dearth of variety here. There are several hotels and resorts located here. Some of the popular names include, MC Resorts, Ambuja Resorts, Tiger Ranch, Country Club Resort, Wildflower Tusker Trail, etc, to mention only a few. Almost every hotel and resort here offers the most modern amenities that you can ask for during your stay.