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Author: Jerry Nelson

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Man Attacked for Video Recording Men Attacking Woman (Graphic Video)

Andrew Doty,a 27-year-old freelance editor, placed the camera inside his pocket in order to defend himself where it goes dark for a portion of the video, but the audio remains clear. You can hear when his girlfriend pepper sprays one of the men, causing him to scream out in pain, and you can hear Doty saying, thanks, hon. The video goes back on as the men retreat. The video (watch here, but warning, contains profanity throughout) shows men noticing him recording, confronting him and demanding several times that he put the camera up. But Doty kept rolling.

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Guest Post : Joe Wrabeck on Economic Recovery

Follow @Journey_America Joe Wrabek is a former city manager, former lobbyist, and former newspaper reporter and editor.  He is currently a full-time writer and musician.  He lives in Garibaldi, Oregon, on the Pacific coast....