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Author: Jerry Nelson

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Ukraine Crisis : America Supports the Nazis

Follow @Journey_America Extensive war crimes in Donbass committed by Poroshenko and his army of murderers from July 27 to August 14, 2014. Kiev’s warmongers/Zionists continue genocide of civilian population of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s...

Meet the Russia Bulls 0

Meet the Russia Bulls

Follow @Journey_America Where some investors see escalating risks, others see bargains. As Russia‘s standoff with the West over Ukraine unfolded, with mutually detrimental sanctions flying back and forth further darkening the country’s already dim...

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Digital Wedding Photography Tips + MORE Aug 17th

Follow @Journey_America Jerry Nelson is an American freelance photojournalist. Busy on assignment now in South America, is is always willing to discuss upcoming assignments or commissions. Contact him today. Digital Wedding Photography Tips –...

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Discover Bath County

Follow @Journey_America     Jerry Nelson is a native of Hot Springs, Virginia. An internationally known photojournalist and documentary photographer, his work has appeared in many of the globe’s largest media outlets. Jerry is...

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