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Author: Jerry Nelson

A Quick View Of Argentina 0

A Quick View Of Argentina

Follow @Journey_America As a new visitor to Buenos Aires, you will probably be wondering about the city and the country of Argentina. In the City of Buenos Aires you will find accommodation to the...

Argentina Training Dispatched 0

Argentina Training Dispatched

Follow @Journey_America Compared with the previous game against Team USA, Argentina starting lineup today in the larger aspects of the adjustment, Messi, Dimaliya, Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso and other key players to Football Shirt...

Honeymooning in Argentina paopular 0

Honeymooning in Argentina paopular

Follow @Journey_America Want to take head to Europe after your wedding, but cannot afford it? Honeymooning in Argentina may be the answer as the country has a definite European feel. Honeymooning in Argentina While...

39f4fa6bd7f458d768596027_640_argentina1 0

Argentina — Prepare to ‘Crash and Burn’

Politically and economically, Argentina has been a country in almost perpetual turmoil since it was founded a couple of centuries ago. Rooted deep in a culture of corruption, inherited from the bonehead Spaniards, Argentina has never been able to put politicians in office that had sense —

ee45705fd9f84772bca7c4ba_640_argentina 0

Argentina Will Drive Off the Cliff

About ten years ago, South America’s second largest economy decided it wasn’t going to dip into it’s pockets and pay debts that it had coming due. It’s about to happen again.

Event Photography 0

Event Photography

Follow @Journey_America Need the best Event Photography for a party atmosphere? Organising an 18th, 21st or other type of Birthday and want the memories of the occasion to live on through professionally taken photographs?...

Learning Spanish in Argentina 0

Learning Spanish in Argentina

Follow @Journey_America Spanish is known as the most widely spoken languages in the cities of Latin America. Many people know it as a widely spoken language in Spain but it is also to be...

travel photography 0

Tips for Better Travel Photos

Follow @Journey_America Expedition Photography (for Beginners!): 9 Tips for Better Travel Photos These following expedition photography tips are not my own and must be credited to Michael and CT. However, I will provide my...

street photography 0

Life After Dark: Street Photography at Night

To the surprise of no one, the topic of light is relatively common here on Light Stalking; search the archives and you can easily find plenty of useful advice about shooting during the golden hour, shooting only with ambient light, shooting at night, working with long exposures, doing light painting, etc. Likewise, you can find helpful articles about street photography. So, what if someone among Light Stalking’s loyal readership wanted to know about night photography and street imaging? Together. Night street photography? Street night photography? Either way, it’s a thing.

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