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Author: Jerry Nelson

Pet Photography 101 0

Pet Photography 101

Follow @Journey_America In our world, animals often have the most unique looking attributes. They have the best color of hair or fur. They’ve distinct textures that mask each inch of their bodies. Over all,...

Equestrian Photography 0

Equestrian Photography

Follow @Journey_America Equestrian photography is one of the lesser known, though nonetheless still popular forms of photography. For those of you who do not know what it is, Equestrian Photography is the Photography of...

Argentina Wineries 0

Argentina Wineries

Follow @Journey_America Argentina wine country is not as widely known for its wine, but it will make your taste buds scintillating with flavor. It may just entice you for making one more visit. Mendoza...

Fishing In Argentina 0

Fishing In Argentina

Follow @Journey_America Go fishing in Argentina! It presents some of the finest fishing spots on the earth. You can find all your sport fishing or fly fishing wishes here in Argentina and go home...

Argentina Tango Tours 0

Argentina Tango Tours

Follow @Journey_America If you love dancing, socializing, and enjoying attractive shows and cultural events, Argentina tango tours might be excellent for your upcoming holiday getaway. It is possible to combine your vacation in one...

Photography Tips And Techniques 0

Photography Tips And Techniques

Follow @Journey_America When being a photographer, there are so many different elements you have to take into consideration when doing your job.  The amount of techniques and tips that photographers have the joy of...

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