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Author: Jerry Nelson

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Global Travelers Should Get Out of Their Comfort Zone

Follow @Journey_America launches Epic Accommodations revealing the most awe-inspiring, eye-opening and memorable accommodations for budding global travelers About Nine out of ten global travellers want to stay in an unusual accommodation such as...

Photography is Not a Crime 0

Photography is Not a Crime

Follow @Journey_America Another bone-headed cop caught by the folks at Photography is Not a Crime. Seems like there’s still plenty of cops in America that just haven’t gotten the memo yet.  Here’s a piece...

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Brother, Can You Spare a Car : Mikel Weisser for Congress

Follow @Journey_America [<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "Brother Can You Spare a Car : Mikel Weisser for Congress" on Storify</a>] Related articles about Mikel Weisser CD4 Candidate Mikel Weisser Smacks Down Center for Arizona...

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Take the Online ALS Challenge

Follow @Journey_America   Others who have taken the ALS Challenge   RT khaleejtimes: Low turnout but in high⁰ spirit at #ALS challenge #IceBucketChallenge; RT @khaleejtimes: Low turnout but in high⁰ spirit at...

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Faces of the Poor in Argentina

While Argentina’s President, Cristina Kirchner, steals millions of dollars, the poor in Argentina are largely forgotten.

Thousands, left behind in South America’s 2nd largest country, took to the street yesterday to protest government policies which destroy the poor.

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