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Tagged: blair

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Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Blair Mountain, Rednecks and Me

Follow @Journey_America “You’re Jerry Nelson, aren’t you?” “Yes, Bobby, it’s very nice to meet you.” This was loosely the third time our lives had intersected.  The first time was in 1963 when his uncle,...

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Coal mining has poisoned the water in West Virginia

Follow @Journey_America One of the highlights growing up in the ‘60s were the summer road trips I would take with my parents.  With Pop having family in the Maryland/D.C. area and Mom having family...

Dark Roads in Coal Country 0

Dark Roads in Coal Country

Follow @Journey_America I noticed the truck sitting there as I walked out of The Lil’ General with the Mr. Pibb and Pringles – Original Flavor — in my hand. The ice cooler next to...

Greed and Death in the Mountains (Part IV) 0

Greed and Death in the Mountains (Part IV)

Follow @Journey_America The sun rose on August 24 with about 5000 miners crossing Lens Creek Mountain. Wearing red bandanas as their “uniform”, the miners had no way of knowing that these would give rise...

Local and National Groups Rally to Townspeople’s Defense 1

Local and National Groups Rally to Townspeople’s Defense

Follow @Journey_America Residents of Blair, West Virginia have noticed increased activity from mining company Arch Coal around the historic Blair Mountain Battlefield site. Members of the town have become more and more concerned about...

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