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Tagged: colorado

Isabel and Family 0

A South American Christmas

Follow @Journey_America It’s another South American Christmas. They just keep getting better. Christmas in Argentina is the complete opposite of Christmas in America though. Here Christmas comes in the middle of the summer, there...

Q.  What does Mexican Cartel and a five year old have in commong 0

Q. What does Mexican Cartel and a five year old have in commong

Follow @Journey_America A.  The same photographer Last night I got to do something that I haven’t done — in well, forever.  I photographed a five year old birthday party. While I’ve been in D.C.,...

rp_29-IMG0501-M.jpg 0

Rare day to relax; Thanks Paul for making it happen

Follow @Journey_America During my many travels and trips around the country I’ve been fortunate.  I’vc gotten the chance to hang out with clients who have become friends and have spent time with friends that...

rp_img_4312-jerrynelsonphoto.jpg 0

Then and Now: Brent

Follow @Journey_America When you are living with 200 protestors for almost six months in a park that is 1.5 acres and three blocks from The White House, you meet people from all over the...

GUEST BLOG: The Problem With Gun Control Laws? 2

GUEST BLOG: The Problem With Gun Control Laws?

Follow @Journey_America Violence in the media always seems to be a rallying cry for tougher gun control laws. While that’s convenient for gun opponents, it’s nothing more than playing on people’s emotions to “sell”...

rp_img_3269.jpg 2

Some days it don’t pay to get out of bed

Follow @Journey_America Some days it just don’t pay to get out of bed. I’m in the raft on the Arkansas River just downstream from Salida, Colorado. I’m minding my own business.  Taking photographs of...

rp_img_1060.jpg 2

Ramblings and some scenery from Salida, Colorado

Follow @Journey_America A few shots from the past couple days here in Salida, Colorado. There’s no internet service or cell service at the fishing camp, so my ramblings will be intermittent. It’s cold and...

Canon City Colorado: Home of Family Roots Farm, Royal Gorge and more 0

Canon City Colorado: Home of Family Roots Farm, Royal Gorge and more

Follow @Journey_America Reaching through the window of the battered and rusty ’93 Ford pickup, I pulled the handle so I could get out. The truck, like Eric the driver, was battered and showing signs...

rp_IMG9776-S.jpg 0

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Follow @Journey_America In mid-summer of 1859 two crusty surveyors set out from Denver City to start a new town to be called Colorado City.  While scouting for locations, they stumbled across an area of...

Options: You Gotta Love ‘em! 2

Options: You Gotta Love ‘em!

Follow @Journey_America Options. You gotta love options. For the past four months I’ve been living with the protesters in McPherson Square for OccupyDC. It’s been a ride and you can read a brief synopsis...

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